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Who should I start on my fantasy football team?  Setting your fantasy football lineup each week can be rather tricky as you navigate the tradeoffs between starting one NFL player over another.  If you start the right guy on the right week, the payoff can be an impressive win.  If you happen to start the wrong guy, taking a fantasy football loss on the chin can be harsh. 
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Set Your Fantasy Lineup for Week 17
UPDATED: January 1, 2010
The best way to insure that you are starting the right NFL players and setting your lineup correctly is to have the following resources on hand as you power through your lineup decision-making process.  Below we've listed the overall NFL  defensive rankings for each week and well as the weekly NFL injury report.  Taking note of the injuries each week is extremely important, no fantasy football lineup slot should be filled with an injured player or a player on a bye week.  Make sure as you scour the weekly injury report to ensure that your starters do not appear there.  If you have an injury concern with one of your starters, pay close attention to the pregame  shows on one of the networks.  The ESPN, FOX Sports, or CBS pregame shows will give you an up until kickoff status on each of the injured players that appear on the weekly injury report. 

The other very important factor to consider when weighing the tradeoffs between NFL players in your fantasy football starting lineup is to consider the defensive matchup they are facing.  If you are looking at two quarterbacks, is one of them facing a defense that is a high overall ranking NFL Passing Defense?  If so, and your backup quarterback has a favorable matchup (ie. he is facing a lower overall ranking NFL Passing Defense), you may want to start him instead.  The same thing goes for NFL running backs.  If one of your running backs is facing the number one ranked NFL rushing defense, and you have a backup running back that will be facing the NFL rushing Defense ranked 28th against the run, you may consider benching your starter in favor of he running back with the better matchup. 

Below we will list the overall defensive ranking for NFL Passing Defenses and NFL Rushing Defenses, along with which NFL teams have their bye week, and most importantly the Weekly NFL Injury Report.  Consult each of these areas when making you determination on who you should start on a weekly basis in your fantasy football starting lineup.
Week 17 Fantasy Football Lineup Center
(Last updated January 1, 2010)


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NFL Passing Defense
Overall Ranking for
Week 17

1 Pittsburgh Steelers
2 Baltimore Ravens
3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
4 Tennessee Titans
5 Green Bay Packers
6 Indianapolis Colts
7 Washington Redskins
8 Oakland Raiders
9 Philadelphia Eagles
10 New York Giants
11 Dallas Cowboys
12 Carolina Panthers
13 Jacksonville Jaguars
14 Buffalo Bills
15 Houston Texans
16 New England Patriots
17 Arizona Cardinals
17 Cleveland Browns
19 Detroit Lions
20 Cincinnati Bengals
21 Minnesota Vikings
22 St. Louis Rams
23 Atlanta Falcons
24 New Orleans Saints
25 Kansas City Chiefs
26 Miami Dolphins
27 Denver Broncos
28 San Francisco 49ers
29 Chicago Bears
30 New York Jets
31 San Diego Chargers
32 Seattle Seahawks

NFL Games
for Week 17

Sun, Nov 02 Time (ET)
GB @ TEN 1:00 PM FOX
TB @ KC 1:00 PM FOX
NE @ IND 8:15 PM NBC

Mon, Nov 03 Time (ET)


























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Weekly NFL Injury Report
for Week 17
(Only injuries of note are listed)

N. Rackers K Calf Prob Sun
E. Doucet WR Groin Ques Sun
L. Pope TE Ankle Out

J. Norwood RB Concussion Ques Sun
L. Robinson WR Knee Ques Sun

L. McClain FB Ankle Prob Sun
T. Heap TE Neck Ques Sun
D. Wilcox TE Thigh Ques Sun
W. McGahee RB Ankle Ques Sun

T. Edwards QB Ankle Prob Sun
J. Reed WR Achilles Out

D. Hackett WR Knee Ques Sun

M. Booker WR Knee Prob Sun
D. Hester WR Quadricep questionable
B. Lloyd WR Knee Ques Sun

R. Kelly TE Neck Prob Sun
B. Utecht TE Chest Prob Sun

K. Winslow TE Disciplinary Prob Sun
D. Stallworth WR Quadricep Ques Sun

J. Witten TE Ribs Ques Sun
F. Jones RB Hamstring Doub Sun
A. Jones CB Suspension Suspended
T. Romo QB Finger out

M. Pittman RB Neck Prob Sun
B. Stokley WR Concussion Ques Sun
S. Young RB Groin Ques Sun
T. Scheffler TE Groin Ques Sun
R. Torain RB Elbow Ques Sun

C. Fitzsimmons TE Shoulder Ques Sun
J. Kitna QB Back Out for season.

Green Bay
A. Rodgers QB Shoulder Prob Sun

A. Green RB Thigh Ques Sun
K. Walter WR Knee Ques Sun

J. Addai RB Hamstring Prob Sun
R. Wayne WR Knee Ques Sun

R. Williams WR Hamstring Ques Sun
M. Walker WR Knee Out

Kansas City
L. Johnson RB Disciplinary Out Indefintley
D. Huard QB Thumb Out for Season
B. Croyle QB Knee Out For Season

No Injuries of Note.

S. Rice WR Knee Prob Sun

New England
R. Moss WR Foot Ques Sun
L. Jordan RB Leg Out Sun
T. Brady QB Knee out for season

New Orleans
R. Bush RB Knee out indefinitely

N.Y. Giants
No Injuries of Note.

N.Y. Jets
J. Cotchery WR Shoulder Ques Sun
L. Coles WR Thigh Ques Sun
C. Baker TE Hip questionable
B. Franks TE Hip Doub Sun
M. Nugent K Thigh Out

Oakland M.
A. Walter QB Calf Prob Sun
D. McFadden RB Toe Doub Sun

D. Jackson WR Shoulder Prob Sun
B. Westbrook RB Ribs Prob Sun
R. Brown WR Groin Prob Sun
J. Avant WR Shoulder Ques Sun
L. Smith TE Concussion Doub Sun

B. Roethlisberger QB Shoulder Prob Mon
S. Holmes WR Disciplinary Prob Mon
W. Parker RB Knee Prob Mon

San Diego
C. Davis WR Groin Ques Sun

San Francisco
A. Battle WR Foot Ques Sun

K. Robinson WR Knee Prob Sun
D. Branch WR Foot Out
M. Hasselbeck QB Knee Out

St. Louis
S. Jackson RB Thigh Prob Sun
D. Bennett WR Foot Doub Sun

Tampa Bay
I. Hilliard WR Shoulder Ques Sun
M. Clayton WR Knee Ques Sun
W. Dunn RB Back Ques Sun
M. Stovall WR Hamstring Ques Sun
B. Griese QB Elbow Ques Sun

No Injuries of Note.

C. Portis RB Ankle Prob Mon
S. Moss WR Hamstring Ques Mon 

NFL Rushing Defense
Overall Ranking for
Week 17

1 Pittsburgh Steelers
2 Minnesota Vikings
3 Baltimore Ravens
4 New York Jets
5 New York Giants
6 Chicago Bears
7 Washington Redskins
8 Philadelphia Eagles
9 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
10 Dallas Cowboys
11 Miami Dolphins
12 Tennessee Titans
13 Arizona Cardinals
14 New England Patriots
15 San Diego Chargers
16 San Francisco 49ers
17 Buffalo Bills
18 Carolina Panthers
19 New Orleans Saints
20 Jacksonville Jaguars
21 Atlanta Falcons
22 Seattle Seahawks
23 Houston Texans
24 Cincinnati Bengals
25 Indianapolis Colts
26 Cleveland Browns
27 Green Bay Packers
28 Denver Broncos
29 Oakland Raiders
30 St. Louis Rams
31 Kansas City Chiefs
32 Detroit Lions

Week 17 Teams on Bye

NFL Offensive
Overall Ranking
for Week 17

1 New Orleans Saints
2 Denver Broncos
3 Arizona Cardinals
4 New York Giants
5 Houston Texans
6 Atlanta Falcons
7 Philadelphia Eagles
8 Dallas Cowboys
9 Miami Dolphins
10 New England Patriots
11 New York Jets
12 Green Bay Packers
13 Washington Redskins
14 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
15 San Diego Chargers
16 Minnesota Vikings
17 Carolina Panthers
18 Tennessee Titans
19 Baltimore Ravens
20 Buffalo Bills
21 Jacksonville Jaguars
22 Indianapolis Colts
23 Chicago Bears
24 Pittsburgh Steelers
25 Kansas City Chiefs
26 San Francisco 49ers
27 Cleveland Browns
28 St. Louis Rams
29 Oakland Raiders
30 Detroit Lions
31 Seattle Seahawks
32 Cincinnati Bengals



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