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Fantasy Football Dictionary

Over the years, Fantasy Football players and the media have come up with their own terminology and set of acronyms, that generally only apply to Fantasy Football operations, practices, and actions.  You'll see these terms scattered throughout fantasy football magazine, websites, and blogs.  To those new to fantasy football, the terminology can be rather confusing.  This Fantasy Football Dictionary is my attempt to clarify and expound upon fantasy football terminology that might be unfamiliar to new players and veteran alike.  If you have any suggestions for additional terms and acronyms that can be added to the fantasy football dictionary, please e-mail me your suggestions.
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Fantasy Football Revolution

3rd year WR rule - It is common knowledge within fantasy football circles that the third year in the league for wide receivers is the year they generally "break out" with a statistically monstrous year.  It generally takes wide receivers until their third year before the game begins to slow down for them.  Many fantasy football draft-niks will draft 3rd year wide receivers for just this reason.

ADP - Average Draft Position - a tool commonly used by fantasy football drafters to place a perceived fantasy football value on an NFL player.  Average draft position is generally determined by where NFL players are selected in mock drafts.

bench players -

bust - an NFL player generally regarded as a solid fantasy football prospect that does not perform up to expectations.

bye week -

cheat sheet
a list of players ranked by position in the order in which they should be taken during the fantasy football draft. Most fantasy owners will bring cheatsheets to the draft to serve as reference for their draft selections for each of the roster positions they have to fill (ie QB, RB, WR, etc).

commissioner -

a perennial fantasy football championship loser designated so because he/she pays their entry fee but fails to ever win a championship or the cash prize associated with it.

- the practice of selecting a backup NFL player in order to protect oneself against injury to the team's starter or in the case of a running back by committee situation, the practice of selecting both running backs in the team's backfield that are splitting the carries.  For example, if selecting a player of the calibre of LaDanian Tomlinson in San Diego, if is wise to handcuff Micheal "the burner" Turner to LT.

keeper league
a fantasy football league in which the NFL players on a fantasy owners starting roster are retained or kept each year. Keeper leagues generally allow fantasy owners to keep a nucleus of players every year that they build upon on draft day. NFL rookies or waiver wire players are the only players selected during a keeper league draft.

mock draft a simulated fantasy football draft including each draft pick listed round by round in the order they might be taken. Mock drafts are a good resource for fantasy owners to determine when certain players should be selected to obtain optimal value for the selection.

overall player ranking -

QB Quarterback position. Hes the guy who throws the football.

RB Running Back Position. Hes the guy who runs with the football.

RBBC Running Back by Committee - An offensive philosophy employed more and more by teams in the NFL in which instead of having a primary ball carrier who gets the majority the carries, and team will use two of three running backs to share the load. The idea is that if a team does not have a single stud running back, that two or three can perform as effectively as a single stud running back. With the 2006 success of the Indianapolis Colts and Chicago Bears, the running back by committee philosophy is gaining ground in training camps around the league. This means that single set backfields will become more valuable on draft day.

sleeper - an NFL player that is predicted to unexpectedly have a solid fantasy football year.  Most drafts are made by selecting players in the later rounds of the fantasy football draft that outperform where they were taken. 

team depth chart -

WR Wide Receiver position. Hes the guy who catches the football.


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