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We envision to be the ultimate resource guide for strategizing, drafting, and building your championship team throughout the season.  We have free fantasy football cheat sheets, fantasy football projections, and some great fantasy football articles with player rankings along with our Premium Service that offers periodically updates cheat sheets that will be sent directly to your Inbox via e-mail.
So ditch the fantasy magazines and join the online age.  We'll give you everything you need to finally capture your league’s highest honor.  Start with the Featured Articles below and be sure to check out or fantasy football rankings for NFL players.

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Draft Strategy
by The Prophet
The Fantasy Football draft … a chance to make your mark, your personal footprint on the fantasy football landscape. It’s where the men are separated from the boys, where veteran savvy and fantasy football experience shine through, and where a few astute, perhaps maybe even serendipitous draft selections can distance you from your competition and vault you into fantasy football infamy. Do your homework, don’t over think each draft selection, and pick solid producers each round and you will find yourself in contention for that elusive championship crown. But if you get too cute, or happen upon the injury bug, your team implodes and you spend the season in the proverbial fantasy football basement angling for the toilet bowl trophy. Your success in a fantasy football draft resides in a lot of preparation, a little experience, and a whole lot of luck.

What is Fantasy Football?
by The Prophet

Fantasy Football is the single most all-encompasssingly addictive professional football activity that anyone can participate in.  I’ve roped in bosses, parents, siblings, girlfriends and frat brothers.  With the unprecedented popularity of the National Football League, fantasy football continues to grow and cross all types of social boundaries.  I’m still waiting for the day my grandfather asks me to help him draft his first fantasy football team.  

But what exactly is Fantasy Football?  What is everyone talking about around the water cooler?  Why is it so prevalent in NFL pregame and halftime shows?  Why has it taken over NFL broadcasts and football analyst commentary? 

The Early Days of Fantasy Football
by The Prophet

I hail from an early era of fantasy football … before fantasy football statistics scrolled across your TV screen during games, before the internet offered fantasy football league websites that calculated your fantasy scores for you, before network halftime shows showcased fantasy football injury reports, before automated waiver wires.  I began my fantasy football career during the 1995 NFL season.  My starting lineup included Brett Favre at quarterback, Byron “Bam” Morris & Craig “Iron head” Heyward at the running back position, my wide receivers were Carl Pickens, Brett Perriman, and Wayne Chrebet, my tight end was Wesley Walls.  At kicker the venerable Pete Stoyanovich booted field goals for me (when he was still in Miami) and the San Francisco Defense rounded out my starters.  I got close to making the playoffs that year, but instead found myself in the toilet bowl tourney, which I easily won.  By the end of season I was hooked.  Fantasy Football became a huge part of my fall season lifestyle as I chased that first elusive championship. 









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